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Our Services

Our bespoke research capabilities include client branded white papers, research to promote client market presence, competitor benchmarking and satisfaction research, strategy work and quantifying of business opportunities, product testing and development and lastly, market dynamics and shifting trends analysis.

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Our Reach

CoreData has offices in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and the Philippines with associates working in Malta, Mexico, Singapore and South Africa. This enables us to conduct syndicated and bespoke research projects across multiple continents and sharing insights on the financial services industry.

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Recent Research Projects

The Rise of Passives
August 2015

Rather than casting a definite judgement on which approach is best – active or passive, CoreData’s Passives Report tracks, identifies and explains the growth of the passive investment market in the UK, building on last year’s report.

Adviser Fees and Business Models 2015
July 2015

This is CoreData’s fifth annual report of Adviser Fees and Business Models and gives clear insight into how advisers have managed to survive, and ultimately succeed, following the biggest regulatory change in their industry in recent history.

Social Media & Client Interaction
June 2015

This report seeks to identify the ways in which advisers are using social media and what aspect of this medium of communication they find most beneficial to the growth of their business.

UK Adviser Business Efficiency 2015
May 2015

This year’s report aims to further examine this unintended consequence of RDR which is forcing financial advisers to spend more of their time fretting over paperwork rather than engaging in revenue-generating tasks.