Our Services

CoreData Research is an international specialist in multi-market, multi-channel financial services research. Our bespoke capabilities include client branded thought leadership, amplifying clients’ share-of-voice in the market, proposition enhancement/development, growth and strategy work, market intelligence and shifting trends analysis.

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Our Reach

CoreData has global reach through a combination of its office locations and its market leading and propriety database, called Anubis. The group has a proven track record in partnering with leading financial institutions to successfully manage and execute large and complex projects.

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Recent Research Projects

Outsourcing report
October 2017

The rapid rise of investment outsourcing in the past 10 to 15 years shows no signs of slowing down as advisory business models continue to evolve in the wake of market volatility and the ever-changing …

Stocks and Shares Isa Platform Report
September 2017

Stocks and shares Isas (S&S Isas) have become mainstream investment vehicles in the UK. In fact, CoreData’s recent UK Investor Report found S&S Isas are the most prevalent investment type among consumers. The popularity of S&S Isas reflects the rise to prominence of automated and do-it-yourself investing.

UK Investor Demand
September 2017

UK investors are adopting a “safety-first” approach amid ongoing political and economic uncertainties following the Brexit vote. A majority of investors (60%) say fear of losing money due to market volatility has an impact on the level of investments or savings they make.

Investment Platforms 2017
August 2017

With the FCA kicking off its wide-ranging platform market study, the issue of replatforming taking centre-stage and back-end technology providers tightening their grip on the sector, platforms have certainly been making the headlines in 2017.