Our Services

CoreData Research is an international specialist in multi-market, multi-channel financial services research. Our bespoke capabilities include client branded thought leadership, amplifying clients’ share-of-voice in the market, proposition enhancement/development, growth and strategy work, market intelligence and shifting trends analysis.

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Our Reach

CoreData has global reach through a combination of its office locations and its market leading and propriety database, called Anubis. The group has a proven track record in partnering with leading financial institutions to successfully manage and execute large and complex projects.

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Recent Research Projects

Investment Platforms 2017
August 2017

With the FCA kicking off its wide-ranging platform market study, the issue of replatforming taking centre-stage and back-end technology providers tightening their grip on the sector, platforms have certainly been making the headlines in 2017.

The Global Retirement Index
August 2017

The Global Retirement Index (GRI) is a multi-dimensional index developed by Natixis Global Asset Management and CoreData Research to examine the factors that drive retirement security and to provide a comparison tool for best practices in retirement policy.

UK High Net Worth Report
May 2017

Last year was one of political gloom. As we move toward the middle of 2017, this report analyses how the attitudes of HNW investors in the UK have been affected by the tumult. We take an in-depth look at these individuals’ investment goals, outlook and favoured investment strategies. It also delves into the attitudes HNWs have towards the asset management and financial advice industry.

Saving for Retirement
April 2017

The latest report by CoreData Research provides an in-depth analysis of UK consumer behaviour and attitudes toward saving for retirement. It provides a comprehensive roundup of the current state of play in the pensions sector at a time when the UK is in the grip of a savings crisis that poses a serious threat to the wellbeing of future retirees. The report goes on to detail important findings about low levels of consumer engagement and knowledge, poor uptake of financial advice and the consequent need to tackle apathy and inaction.