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Our Services

Our bespoke research capabilities include client branded white papers, research to promote client market presence, competitor benchmarking and satisfaction research, strategy work and quantifying of business opportunities, product testing and development and lastly, market dynamics and shifting trends analysis.

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Our Reach

CoreData has offices in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and the Philippines with associates working in Colombia, Malta, Singapore and South Africa. This enables us to conduct syndicated and bespoke research projects across multiple continents and sharing insights on the financial services industry.

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Recent Research Projects

UK High Net Worth Report
May 2017

Last year was one of political gloom. As we move toward the middle of 2017, this report analyses how the attitudes of HNW investors in the UK have been affected by the tumult. We take an in-depth look at these individuals’ investment goals, outlook and favoured investment strategies. It also delves into the attitudes HNWs have towards the asset management and financial advice industry.

Saving for Retirement
April 2017

The latest report by CoreData Research provides an in-depth analysis of UK consumer behaviour and attitudes toward saving for retirement. It provides a comprehensive roundup of the current state of play in the pensions sector at a time when the UK is in the grip of a savings crisis that poses a serious threat to the wellbeing of future retirees. The report goes on to detail important findings about low levels of consumer engagement and knowledge, poor uptake of financial advice and the consequent need to tackle apathy and inaction.

UK Savers 2017
February 2017

Saving more money can lead to increased confidence in the economy and one’s household finances. Individuals who save more are likely to be more amenable to new companies’ offers and tend to shop around more and be more open to taking on investment risk, as evidenced by their higher subscription to stocks & shares Isas. People who save more are also more technologically engaged as a greater number of them connect to their bank online or by using their provider’s mobile app.

ISA Season 2017
February 2017

The latest report by CoreData Research into the Isa market examines the buying behaviour of UK retail investors. The report covers the impact of new rules and limits on Isa investing as well as the mounting pressure advisers and financial intermediaries continue to face thanks to the growing autonomy offered to investors courtesy of online providers. The study, which surveys 3,000 investors in the UK, also covers the attitudes of savers as they look for returns in a low-growth environment and the impact this has on both cash and stocks & shares Isa allocations.