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Our Services

Our bespoke research capabilities include client branded white papers, research to promote client market presence, competitor benchmarking and satisfaction research, strategy work and quantifying of business opportunities, product testing and development and lastly, market dynamics and shifting trends analysis.

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Recent Research Projects

UK Adviser Business Efficiency 2015
May 2015

This year’s report aims to further examine this unintended consequence of RDR which is forcing financial advisers to spend more of their time fretting over paperwork rather than engaging in revenue-generating tasks.

Grassroots Report 2015
April 2015

This study seeks to map out current adviser usage across the UK – outlining how different demographics interact with their advisers. This report includes a detailed segmentation of investors, identifying common traits among investors in the UK.

Fund Manager Charges
March 2015

The investment management industry needs to do more work around clarity of fees among all investor segments, but particularly among Mass Market and Emerging High Net Worth (HNW) individuals as over four in 10 individuals in each group say charges are not clear.

i-Sight 1st Half 2015
February 2015

The purpose behind i-Sight is to provide an innovative and leading tool for the enhanced understanding of Britain’s millions of retail investors. This was conducted across investment classifications by region, sector and asset class.