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Our Services

Our bespoke research capabilities include client branded white papers, research to promote client market presence, competitor benchmarking and satisfaction research, strategy work and quantifying of business opportunities, product testing and development and lastly, market dynamics and shifting trends analysis.

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Our Reach

CoreData has offices in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and the Philippines with associates working in Malta, Mexico, Singapore and South Africa. This enables us to conduct syndicated and bespoke research projects across multiple continents and sharing insights on the financial services industry.

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Recent Research Projects

Platform Consolidation
July 2016

It’s been widely mooted for the past decade but the time is nigh for the start of a prolonged period of consolidation in the UK investment platforms market. With regulatory change putting further pressure on advisers’ day-to-day business operations, many in the industry believe the winners and losers in the platform space, at least in the short term, will be determined by niche offerings or services. Technological improvements may become the key to further consolidation as updated systems make platform integration faster and simpler.

UK Fintech
July 2016

Fintech firms — usually small, start-up companies using innovative software solutions to offer an array of financial services — are spreading like a virus and threaten to infect the entire financial system. The question now is whether traditional market sectors such as banking and financial advice will have the resistance to fight – or embrace – the fintech virus or otherwise succumb to the disruption it brings. This paper will look at the growth of the sector and how it has been supported by a progressive regulatory regime.

UK HNW Research
June 2016

2016 has not been smooth sailing for the financial services industry, much less the investors who rely on it. Many events have contributed to this situation, including but not limited to: concerns over monetary policy, worries about Chinese growth rates, emerging markets, geopolitical instability and the rise of populist politics. This report seeks to investigate these perceptions by focusing on the upper echelon of the investor spectrum, high net worth (HNW) investors who have net investable wealth exceeding £1 million.

Adviser Investment Strategy
May 2016

In the face of the increased volatility in 2016, this report seeks to reveal what products financial advisers in the UK are currently recommending. Do recommendations differ according to the size of an adviser's business? Does the prevalent age or wealth of the adviser's client base influence their choices? Understanding the products currently being endorsed by advisers can help product providers engage more effectively with their target market.