CoreData’s Digital Intimacy Report finds people are more likely to take action when allowed to experience the brand on their terms and not have messages pushed onto them. A quarter’s response to online marketing depends on how much they trust the brand in question.

Stocks and shares Isa ownership among women is low. If levels of stocks and shares (S&S) Isas are brought in line with those of males, the industry could see an estimated pot of £8.83bn flowing into these products.

24.5% of people were primarily motivated to start thinking about estate planning by starting a family, 23.1% claimed they had simply reached a certain age, and 14.3% were encouraged to think about estate planning by financial advisers.

28.8% of women and 14.3% of men claim their most trusted adviser on estate planning issues is a family friend.

25.0% of 45-54 year olds and 33.3% of 65-74 year olds say they openly discuss wealth in their families, as well as 61.5% of the 35-44 age group.

Investors believe UK and European shares will dominate the first half of 2014, with sentiment shifting heavily in their favour at the expense of both emerging and frontier markets.



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UK Media Report

February 2012

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Journalists play a significant role in the dissemination of information and provide channels for the flow of information between an organisation and the public. They can help establish positive public perception of a company or they contribute to that positivity diminishing.

However, the creation of a good public image does not solely rely on those with the gift of the gab. It is also dependent on the degree of transparency proffered by the organisation itself.

If journalists find themselves in a position where there is a lack of communication between them and the mechanisms of a firm, there is the danger that this might result in “irresponsible journalism” where stories contain inaccuracies and the full information is not disclosed to the reader. If wrong information is circulated through media, this can have grave consequences to both the business and the public.

Some companies are inclined to be quite selective in the sharing of information so as to try and maintain a positive public image and this often results in a strained relationship between journalists and investment professionals.

However this does not change the need for these companies to establish a working communicative relationship with journalists and the companies themselves do not deny the fact that it is possible to engage in communication without divulging sensitive or confidential information.

Thus, the importance of company investment professionals providing the most accurate and useful information to journalists is highlighted.
It is for the above reasons that this study was conceptualised and executed. This study devised an index – the CoreData i-Media Index© – which takes various drivers of interaction and communication into account.

The indexed factors are: Interaction, Management Access, Exclusivity, Dynamism, Insightfulness and Assessment. These gauge the effectiveness of companies in complying with this requirements resulting in the sharing of accurate and relevant information, as perceived by the financial journalists who regularly deal with them.

The study will also include the journalists’ opinion on the investment professionals’ expertise in those companies and which companies they favour in this regard. The report will also point out areas that require further attention and improvement as well as practical achievements journalists chose to note.