Our Approach

CoreData Research is an international specialist in multi-market, multi-channel financial services research. We are the London-based arm of a broader global specialist financial services research and strategy consultancy.

Our bespoke capabilities include client branded thought leadership, amplifying clients’ share-of-voice in the market, proposition enhancement/development, growth and strategy work, market intelligence and shifting trends analysis.

CoreData Research provides both business-to-business and business-to-consumer research, and the group’s proposition also includes market intelligence, guidance on strategic positioning, methods for developing new business, advice on operational marketing and other consulting services.

CoreData Research prides itself in identifying market trends at the earliest opportunity and formulating insightful quantifiable research that clients can use to help them stay ahead of the market and better meet the day-to-day challenges facing their businesses.

Our focus is on bringing deep market knowledge to research and strategy development. The group’s research is not just about information and data but at providing insight so clients can develop strategies that work.


The team is a complimentary blend of experienced financial services, research, marketing and media professionals, who together combine their years of industry experience with primary research to bring perspective to existing market conditions and evolving trends.