Family Office Investing

CoreData Research conducted an attitudinal study of family offices with the aim of understanding the collective mindset of this traditionally shy, perceived to be opaque and not-well known segment of the market.

Discretionary Fund Managers 2015

CoreData’s latest findings on the appetite for advisers to outsource their investment proposition showed almost 43% of advisers expected to outsource some or all of their investment responsibilities by the end of 2014.

UK Retirement Report 2015

This report gives a clear understanding of retail investors’ existing pension arrangements, their grasp of pension saving and their approach to advice and guidance in this regard.

Technological Disruption in Asset Management

This report explores this potential pool of assets by examining at a grassroots level the different facets of investing from the point of view of the end investor.



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Latest Research

CoreData Research  offers a large variety of reports:

Outsourcing report

October 2017

The rapid rise of investment outsourcing in the past 10 to 15 years shows no signs of slowing down as advisory business models continue to evolve in the wake of market volatility and the ever-changing regulatory framework. Industry estimates put the number of advisers using Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs) at around 40-50% and many expect […] read more

Stocks and Shares Isa Platform Report

September 2017

Stocks and shares Isas (S&S Isas) have become mainstream investment vehicles in the UK. In fact, CoreData’s recent UK Investor Report found S&S Isas are the most prevalent investment type among consumers. The popularity of S&S Isas reflects the rise to prominence of automated and do-it-yourself investing. It also underscores a preference for investing via […] read more

UK Investor Demand

UK investors are adopting a “safety-first” approach amid ongoing political and economic uncertainties following the Brexit vote. A majority of investors (60%) say fear of losing money due to market volatility has an impact on the level of investments or savings they make. Further highlighting this risk-averse mentality, more than six in 10 investors (63%) […] read more

Investment Platforms 2017

August 2017

With the FCA kicking off its wide-ranging platform market study, the issue of replatforming taking centre-stage and back-end technology providers tightening their grip on the sector, platforms have certainly been making the headlines in 2017. With competition between providers now under the regulatory spotlight, it is vitally important that platforms gain insight into what advisers […] read more

UK High Net Worth Report

May 2017

[ View the full report ] 2016 marked one of the most politically eventful times in Western history. The unanticipated vote by Britain to leave the European Union and the election of a nationalist demagogue to the presidency of the United States both threaten to upend several decades of closer economic and political integration. A myriad of […] read more

Saving for Retirement

April 2017

[ View the full report ] Almost 50 million consumers in the UK have pension savings – that is 71% of the population. But this counts for very little if they are not given adequate guidance around how to ensure savings last throughout retirement. With 67% of individuals planning to rely on the state pension, there is […] read more

UK Savers 2017

February 2017

[ View the full report ] Saving more money can lead to increased confidence in the economy and one’s household finances. Individuals who save more are likely to be more amenable to new companies’ offers and tend to shop around more and be more open to taking on investment risk, as evidenced by their higher subscription to […] read more

ISA Season 2017

February 2017

[ View the full report ] The fourth CoreData Isa report examines the buying behaviour of UK retail investors for the 2016/17 Isa season. It also looks at the reforms brought into play in 2016 and further changes being made to rejuvenate the Isa landscape and bolster investor engagement. The buying behaviour of retail investors is of […] read more

Mifid II Report

December 2016

[ View the full report ] Some may say advisers in the UK are lucky, that they are ahead of the regulation game. The introduction of the Retail Distribution Review in December 2012 could be considered a considerable head start for advisers preparing to face Mifid II – with curbs on inducements and requirements on firms that […] read more

UK Investment Outlook 2017

November 2016

[ View the full report ] The UK spent the second half of 2016 trying to absorb the shocks associated with the decision to leave the European Union. Yet the outlook for the economy remains distinctly uncertain. Having dodged the initial Armageddon scenario, signs suggest the UK economy has been relatively resilient post-Brexit as economic data continues […] read more

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