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CoreData’s Digital Intimacy Report finds people are more likely to take action when allowed to experience the brand on their terms and not have messages pushed onto them. A quarter’s response to online marketing depends on how much they trust the brand in question.

Stocks and shares Isa ownership among women is low. If levels of stocks and shares (S&S) Isas are brought in line with those of males, the industry could see an estimated pot of £8.83bn flowing into these products.

24.5% of people were primarily motivated to start thinking about estate planning by starting a family, 23.1% claimed they had simply reached a certain age, and 14.3% were encouraged to think about estate planning by financial advisers.

28.8% of women and 14.3% of men claim their most trusted adviser on estate planning issues is a family friend.

25.0% of 45-54 year olds and 33.3% of 65-74 year olds say they openly discuss wealth in their families, as well as 61.5% of the 35-44 age group.

Investors believe UK and European shares will dominate the first half of 2014, with sentiment shifting heavily in their favour at the expense of both emerging and frontier markets.



Our Bespoke research capabilities include research to promote client market presence, client branded white papers, competitor benchmarking and satisfaction, strategy quantifying business opportunities, products testing and development as well as market dynamics and shifting trends analysis.


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Latest Research

CoreData Research  offers a large variety of reports:

Global Equity Income – Investors

October 2014

This research was conducted by CoreData uncover current and future investor demand for global equity income products. This is the first in a two-part report into demand for global equity income. The second report will look at adviser appetite for these products and will be published towards the end of 2014. read more

Investment Platform

September 2014

The UK Investment Platform Study is an annual syndicated research aimed at delivering administration providers key insights into the shifting demands of independent financial advisers (IFAs) and comprises an array of empirical data that identifies developing trends in the market. read more

Annuities Report

August 2014

CoreData finds that from an adviser point of view, most of the money that would have gone into annuities will now mostly be flowing to income drawdown products with a tenth going to income funds. read more

i-Sight 2nd Half 2014

July 2014

The purpose behind i-Sight is to provide an innovative and leading tool for the enhanced understanding of Britain’s millions of retail investors. This was conducted across investment classifications by region, sector and asset class. read more

Structured Products 2014

July 2014

CoreData gathered information from 220 financial advisers between March and April 2014 with the aim of looking at their current and future attitudes towards structured investment. The study examines numerous variables including use, understanding and availability of these products to independent financial advisers in the UK. read more

Adviser Fees and Business Models

June 2014

This research report aims to examine the impact of RDR on advisers’ revenue from a historical basis using current and past data and explains in more detail how advisers are adapting and identifying strategies currently successful and how the advice market might shift as a result of the next stage of RDR in 2016 when trail will be completely banned. read more

UK Investor Fund Selection

May 2014

This paper provides crucial insights into the way in which investors purchase investment products in the UK, and can be of great use to strategy and marketing teams at asset management firms and other product providers. A choice-based conjoint experiment, which realistically simulates the fund purchasing process, with over 200 investors taking part, serves as the analytical backbone for this paper by estimating the utilities attached to each attribute as well as their importance in the purchasing decision of investors across different market segments. read more

Marketing in Asset Management: Strategy & Collaboration

April 2014

The financial services industry is one driven by sales, and marketing efforts can sometime get lost in the fray when it comes to handing out recognition for success. Defining the role of marketing in asset management and mapping best practice across the business provides marketing with the recognition it deserves. CoreData took the qualitative approach for this research to provide insight and to assist with identifying themes spanning across marketing teams in asset management firms active in the UK. read more

Budget 2014: Potential Impact of the New Isa

March 2014

From July 1st 2014, the new Isa or “Nisa” will come into effect and savers will be able to shelter up to £15,000 from tax authorities. This represents an increase of over 30% from the current limit set at £11,520. Not only has the limit increased but rules have been amended so all of the allowance can now be allocated into a cash Isa, something that was restricted to half of the allowance in the traditional Isa model. What does this mean for the Isa industry as a whole and in particular for asset managers active in the space? read more

The Rise of Passive Investments

March 2014

The debate of passive versus active investing has been on-going in both academic and commercial fields, with no clear consensus on the evidence showing which style of investing is superior in the long run.

This report looks to explain and understand recent trends observed within the asset management industry. It aims to identify the increasing investment allocation to passive investments as a percentage of total assets under management and consider where this demand might shift in the future. read more

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