Research: 2011

Funds Management

December 2011

This report looks to examine the likely adoption and take-up rates of certain types of products and investment structure available in the market but that may not be widely used or appreciated by the majority of investors at this point in time. read more

Consumer Advice Fee Threshold Research

December 2011

This report highlights the needs and expectations of consumers on whom the whole advice value chain depends. If people are not willing to pay for advice, then IFAs have no business, which in turn creates obvious issues for investment platforms and distribution issues for product manufacturers. read more

General Insurance Research – Travel Insurance

November 2011

The CoreData Research Travel Insurance Report gives a clear picture of the penetration of travel insurance among British consumers and what drives their satisfaction and their decision to recommend their provider. read more

General Insurance Research – Home Insurance

According to the Association of British Insurers, the UK home insurance market is the largest in Europe and third largest in the world. It is estimated that 19.6 million households have contents insurance with 16 million holding buildings insurance. read more

General Insurance Research – Motor Insurance

Today’s motor insurance industry in the UK is defined by the Road Traffic Act, 1988, which requires all motorists to be insured against the liability for injuries to others, and for damage to other people’s property. read more

UK Investor Insights – Alternative Investments

November 2011

Investors currently find themselves in a conundrum. The majority appreciate their portfolios should be diversified, but continue to hold most of their investments in ISAs; they know they should be managing risk, but have no idea what to measure; they want an asset class that will provide stable returns through volatile times, but refuse to allocate to absolute return products. read more

Life Insurance Report

October 2011

This study is an in-depth assessment of the UK personal protection market, with a specific focus on life insurance, critical illness and income protection. read more

Financial Advice Social Media

October 2011

This study takes an in-depth look at UK financial adviser usage, engagement and application of social media; how adviser are using social media, how much time is involves, how much money (either absolute or by default) it costs, and how much impact, if any, any social media activity is having or has had on their businesses. read more

Savings Inhibition

The study explores eight core identified drivers as to why people do not save enough and involves a deep level analysis to understand how these drivers impact the different segments of UK consumers. Many factors combine to influence consumer perception and action to saving, making it a challenge for Governments and financial services companies to efficiently and effectively encourage and induce behaviour. read more

Platform Benchmarking 2011

This study is an annual syndicated study aimed at delivering administration providers key insights into the shifting demands of independent financial advisers (IFAs) and comprises an array of empirical data that identifies developing trends in the market. read more

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