Family Office Investing

CoreData Research conducted an attitudinal study of family offices with the aim of understanding the collective mindset of this traditionally shy, perceived to be opaque and not-well known segment of the market.

Discretionary Fund Managers 2015

CoreData’s latest findings on the appetite for advisers to outsource their investment proposition showed almost 43% of advisers expected to outsource some or all of their investment responsibilities by the end of 2014.

UK Retirement Report 2015

This report gives a clear understanding of retail investors’ existing pension arrangements, their grasp of pension saving and their approach to advice and guidance in this regard.

Technological Disruption in Asset Management

This report explores this potential pool of assets by examining at a grassroots level the different facets of investing from the point of view of the end investor.



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UK Retirement Report 2015

November 2015

This report gives a clear understanding of retail investors’ existing pension arrangements, their grasp of pension saving and their approach to advice and guidance in this regard. It examines how they save for retirement, how much money they expect once they retire and also their understanding of how service providers fit into the equation. read more

Discretionary Fund Managers 2015

November 2015

This DFM report will outline core discretionary manager considerations such as investment philosophy and their propositions as businesses. Tools and metrics DFMs use to identify strategy are highlighted and current asset allocation splits and attitudes towards different asset classes are also analysed. read more

Family Office Investing

October 2015

Family offices are of mounting interest to asset managers in a market where groups are aggressively seeking business growth. Family offices have traditionally been viewed as somewhat of an unknown channel, mysterious and hard to penetrate. This research explores the attitudes from a global perspective of these far from homogenous groups. read more

Investment Platform Study 2015

September 2015

This study is an annually aggregated study aimed at delivering administration providers key insights into the shifting demands of independent financial advisers (IFAs) and comprises an array of empirical data that identifies developing trends in the market. read more

Adviser Income 2015

September 2015

With the taps turning off in April 2016 for platform commission with the exception of some bonds and life company products, a not insignificant number of advisors must change their models. This report explores how firms are adapting. read more

The Rise of Passives

August 2015

Rather than casting a definite judgement on which approach is best – active or passive, CoreData’s Passives Report tracks, identifies and explains the growth of the passive investment market in the UK, building on last year’s report. read more

Adviser Fees and Business Models 2015

July 2015

This is CoreData’s fifth annual report of Adviser Fees and Business Models and gives clear insight into how advisers have managed to survive, and ultimately succeed, following the biggest regulatory change in their industry in recent history. read more

Social Media & Client Interaction

June 2015

This report seeks to identify the ways in which advisers are using social media and what aspect of this medium of communication they find most beneficial to the growth of their business. read more

UK Adviser Business Efficiency 2015

May 2015

This year’s report aims to further examine this unintended consequence of RDR which is forcing financial advisers to spend more of their time fretting over paperwork rather than engaging in revenue-generating tasks. read more

Grassroots Report 2015

April 2015

This study seeks to map out current adviser usage across the UK – outlining how different demographics interact with their advisers. This report includes a detailed segmentation of investors, identifying common traits among investors in the UK. read more

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