Family Office Investing

CoreData Research conducted an attitudinal study of family offices with the aim of understanding the collective mindset of this traditionally shy, perceived to be opaque and not-well known segment of the market.

Discretionary Fund Managers 2015

CoreData’s latest findings on the appetite for advisers to outsource their investment proposition showed almost 43% of advisers expected to outsource some or all of their investment responsibilities by the end of 2014.

UK Retirement Report 2015

This report gives a clear understanding of retail investors’ existing pension arrangements, their grasp of pension saving and their approach to advice and guidance in this regard.

Technological Disruption in Asset Management

This report explores this potential pool of assets by examining at a grassroots level the different facets of investing from the point of view of the end investor.



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Active Management

April 2016

[ View the full report ] The passive/active debate is nothing new. Indeed, it has been an ongoing topic of discussion since the launch of the first index fund back in the 1970s. And the debate rages on amid new market fundamentals. The bull market of 2003-2007, when active managers underperformed, provided fertile breeding ground for passives […] read more

Pension Report 2016

March 2016

[ View the full report ] From auto-enrolment to pension freedoms, the pensions industry has undergone huge upheaval in the past few years. After all, the sector is at the forefront of Government efforts to reduce the strain on public finances, foster a widespread savings culture and defuse the demographic time bomb caused by an ageing population. […] read more

The Return of Commission

February 2016

[ View the full report ] It is estimated to have cost the industry £2.6bn (and thousands of jobs) but only nine years since the first introduction of the Retail Distribution Review, the Financial Conduct Authority has made the closest thing to an admission of failure on this front. The regulator has floated the possibility of reintroducing […] read more

UK Institutional Investor Research

February 2016

[ View the full report ] While it may be too early to declare yet another paradigm shift, there is no doubt that the first few months of 2016 have ushered in a year of very unstable and volatile markets. The FTSE100 reached an all-time high of over 7100 in April 2015, but much of the gains […] read more

ISA Season 2016

January 2016

[ View the full report ] The third CoreData Isa season report examines the buying behaviour of UK retail investors for the 2014/2015 Isa season. It will also look at the reforms set to come into effect in 2016 and how these changes could alter the Isa landscape and influence investor behaviour. The buying behaviour of retail […] read more

Millennial Investing Habits 2016

January 2016

[ View the full report ] Millennials are on the cusp of making the greatest investments of their lives – many will be considering buying a house, getting married and having children. As they also move into better paid jobs and begin to grasp the importance of saving and investing, this group of individuals represents a key […] read more

Technological Disruption in Asset Management

December 2015

[ View the full report ] Technological disruption is yet to fully impact the world of asset management as it has in other industries such as music, publishing and even retail banking. In asset management, investors remain somewhat wary of new applications that facilitate the placement and management of their investments. However asset managers must develop strategies […] read more

UK Retirement Report 2015

November 2015

[ View the full report ] The UK pension system is complex and take-up is often low, resulting in a very real risk that a large majority of the population face retirement with wholly inadequate levels of savings. With people now living longer, saving for later life is more important than ever. It is estimated that babies […] read more

Discretionary Fund Managers 2015

November 2015

[ View the full report ] Almost three years since the implementation of the Retail Distribution Review the adviser firms which have successfully navigated the biggest regulatory reform in recent history are beginning to emerge. One of the biggest changes witnessed in the post-RDR world has been the number of advisers who either have – or are […] read more

Family Office Investing

October 2015

[ View the full report ] Family offices are of mounting interest to asset managers in a market where groups are aggressively seeking business growth and additional distribution channel opportunities. In a maturing industry and one in which distribution is king, more and more fund managers are becoming channel agnostic as firms, in some cases, desperately, seek […] read more

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