Family Office Investing

CoreData Research conducted an attitudinal study of family offices with the aim of understanding the collective mindset of this traditionally shy, perceived to be opaque and not-well known segment of the market.

Discretionary Fund Managers 2015

CoreData’s latest findings on the appetite for advisers to outsource their investment proposition showed almost 43% of advisers expected to outsource some or all of their investment responsibilities by the end of 2014.

UK Retirement Report 2015

This report gives a clear understanding of retail investors’ existing pension arrangements, their grasp of pension saving and their approach to advice and guidance in this regard.

Technological Disruption in Asset Management

This report explores this potential pool of assets by examining at a grassroots level the different facets of investing from the point of view of the end investor.



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Core Functions

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Future Finances

August 2016

[ View the full report ] Purchasing financial products is a complex process involving interaction between consumers, families, financial service professionals and other concerned parties. Individual consumers and asset managers can have differing views on these competing priorities, resulting in a divergence between perceived financial needs and actions. Forecasting and anticipating major life events will help individual […] read more

Investment Platforms 2016

July 2016

[ View the full report ] With all advisers now using platforms and around half using them every day, platforms have in many ways become the lifeblood of retail financial services. From fund supermarkets to wraps, from adviser-led to execution-only, from independent to insurer-owned and from traditional outfits to those offering DFM and robo-advice propositions, the platform […] read more

Platform Consolidation

July 2016

[ View the full report ] It’s been widely mooted for the past decade but the time is nigh for the start of a prolonged period of consolidation in the UK investment platforms market. There are currently over 30 platforms in the UK and, arguably, the end game would result in a high single digit number of […] read more

UK Fintech

July 2016

[ View the full report ] From digital currencies to robo advice, bitcoin and peer to peer lending, the fintech revolution is in full swing. Fintech firms — usually small, start-up companies using innovative software solutions to offer an array of financial services — are spreading like a virus and threaten to infect the entire financial system. […] read more

UK HNW Research

June 2016

[ View the full report ] 2016 has not been smooth sailing for the financial services industry, much less the investors who rely on it. Not long ago the FTSE was crossing the 7,000-point threshold and there was a general sense of cautious optimism, but these gains in the market have not only faded in the UK, […] read more

Adviser Investment Strategy

May 2016

[ View the full report ] Investment strategy serves a dual purpose for financial adviser firms – to ensure the clients’ objectives are being met in the current environment and to help the firm solidify its service offering and grow. The year started with a bang as turbulence hit the investment markets in January. As financial advisers […] read more

Adviser Business Strategy 2016

April 2016

[ View the full report ] Financial advisers in the UK have been through the mill, with regulation forcing them to re-think their business model. They’ve had to consider the value-add they bring to the table and highlight the importance of the service they provide their clients. Winning new business in an environment where trust of financial […] read more

Active Management

April 2016

[ View the full report ] The passive/active debate is nothing new. Indeed, it has been an ongoing topic of discussion since the launch of the first index fund back in the 1970s. And the debate rages on amid new market fundamentals. The bull market of 2003-2007, when active managers underperformed, provided fertile breeding ground for passives […] read more

Pension Report 2016

March 2016

[ View the full report ] From auto-enrolment to pension freedoms, the pensions industry has undergone huge upheaval in the past few years. After all, the sector is at the forefront of Government efforts to reduce the strain on public finances, foster a widespread savings culture and defuse the demographic time bomb caused by an ageing population. […] read more

The Return of Commission

February 2016

[ View the full report ] It is estimated to have cost the industry £2.6bn (and thousands of jobs) but only nine years since the first introduction of the Retail Distribution Review, the Financial Conduct Authority has made the closest thing to an admission of failure on this front. The regulator has floated the possibility of reintroducing […] read more

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