We offer two core services: Bespoke Research and Syndicated Studies.

Clients benefit from a dual offering of business-to-business and business-to-consumer research and consulting services. At CoreData, we do not just deliver research or consulting, we are focused on helping businesses to grow.


CoreData Research is the market leader in providing individual client bespoke research solutions.

Our client needs are paramount to our success, with the CoreData Research team priding itself on the ability to not just listen, but to understand the underlying fundamentals of why the client requires the research to be conducted.

Our vast experience in analysing consumer and professional audiences allows us to deliver insightful, confidential and professional research solutions at a level over and above client expectations.

CoreData Research’s bespoke research also includes detailed analysis and the production of thought-provoking industry white papers.

Research To Promote Client Market Presence We produce primary research and insight for groups to use to promote their brands, ideas, products and services. Independent findings support brand awareness exercises in the media and bolster public relations messages.
Client Branded White Papers Client demand for thought leadership and desire to be seen as engaging in industry debate, issues and challenges is fuelling a greater need for CoreData to produce white papers. Our financial services experience, research capabilities and design skills allow us to deliver efficient, insightful and robust client solutions.
Client/Competitor Benchmarking & Satisfaction This research enables businesses to measure their success at servicing clients, and how they perform relative to competitors across a range of metrics and variables. Examples include: Service level experience of clients, product performance comparisons, functionality analytics.
Quantifying Business Opportunities
Markets are never static and clients regularly require insight and analysis to remain up to date and be able to quantify opportunities, risks and developments in the areas they operate
Product Testing & Development These services cover any part of the value chain in terms of target client – from banks to high net worth investors. It includes primary data collection and interpretation and can carry the client all the way through from initial concept development to creating a go-to-market approach.
Market Dynamics & Shifting Trends What is new and what is next? CoreData provides clients with services to help them with market entry intelligence, industry dynamics, regulatory impact on markets and future market needs and developments.

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